Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Favorite Pregnancy Snacks

One of the biggest changes in my life since becoming pregnant is my constant desire to eat!

I am not typically a big snacker. I am a “three meals a day and a snack before dinner” type of person, always have been. I never really got hungry enough to snack during the day, and if I did, I would ignore it until it was meal time.

Not. any. more. I am hungry ALL the time, and this hunger is not like any hunger I’ve ever experienced. It’s urgent and immediate. I cannot wait to until meal time to eat, usually I can’t even wait 5 minutes to eat!

It is super important to keep healthy snacks around for when these hunger pangs strike so that you can give your body (and baby) the nutrients you (and they) need!

Here is a quick list of snacks that we now keep stocked at the Weir household.

Pregnancy Snacks:

Larabars (Cherry Pie and Peanut Butter Cookie are my favorite) 
While I wish these were organic, I love the fact that they only have 4-6 ingredients in them. They are all natural and a great source of protein and nutrients! They are also gluten free, and have a lot of dairy free flavors!

These are great for the first trimester when you can’t hold anything down. They are a great gluten free substitute for Saltines.

Organic Apples w/ Organic Peanut Butter

It’s probably the time of year I’m pregnant as well, but apples with peanut butter are one of my favorite snacks lately. The peanut butter gives you a great amount of protein, which is super important during pregnancy. Don’t forget to get organic peanut butter though! (Peanuts are one of the most sprayed foods out there!)

Organic Corn Chips
We get a big bag from Costco. Another great mild food for when nothing else sounds good. Easy to pack as a snack or to keep by your bed for those middle of the night hunger attacks!

Cherry Tomatoes and Carrot Sticks

This is definitely a second trimester snack. I wouldn’t have been able to even look at these foods in my first trimester. Getting vegetables back into your diet in your second trimester is super important, and these snacks are great starting point! Any veggies you can stomach would be great to add to this list!

Sometimes you just gotta have something sweet. These treats are a great healthy option for when the sweet tooth kicks in, as they contain no added sugar or artificial ingredients!

This another great sweet snack, that is super easy on the stomach, and feels great on the throat if you get a cold or sore throat while pregnant. My first 8 weeks, I had a constant sore throat and I lived on this stuff.

There are so many other great ideas for snacks out there, but these are the ones that I have found to be the most helpful (and easiest) to have on hand.

Curious what foods I’ve been craving since being pregnant? I’m sorry to disappoint, but not very many. I am kind of bummed that I didn’t get any of those weird cravings! I would love to freak people out by asking for pickles and ice cream, but ewww!! The biggest craving I have had is actually Skittles! I am definitely not a big candy fan normally, and if I do ever want candy, it’s typically Jelly Belly’s or gummy candies (think peachy-o’s or those blue shark gummies!) But right now?  I am all about the Skittles!. I am trying to be good and ignore the craving most of the time, but I have had a bag or two :) 

I am still dealing with lots of aversions, such as animal protein (of all kinds), coffee, the smell of red wine, spinach and most Asian foods (especially teriyaki). I’m not sure if these will last my whole pregnancy, but for now, I am simply avoiding them when I can!

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