Thursday, April 7, 2011

Couponing Resources

One of the ways I strive to be a good steward of the resources that the Lord has blessed my family with is couponing.

Couponing seems to be really popular right now (the increase in grocery costs as well as the unemployment rate has something to do with that I'm sure!)

Because my family has such strict food requirements and because we are choosing to pursue whole natural food, natural cleaning products, ect, I am not one of those couponers who can get $500 worth of groceries for $4.35. There are people out there who can do that, and it amazes me! However, I have learned that with the lifestyle we are pursuing, that is not going to be a possibility for my family... and that's okay! I don't need to get every single deal I see, I would waste money, rather than save money if I did that! I have learned to target deals that work for my family and our needs.

I will occasionally get a few items (even if my family doesn't need them) if they are free after coupons, that I will stock up and donate to a local food bank, or my church. I may not be able to use them, but the Lord has given me the resources to get them for other people and bless them!

I can, however, save a few dollars here and there, which really help shave precious dollars off of our grocery shopping budget, and our household goods budget.

I mostly use coupons on household items, gifts (such as baby items, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, ect), and some food. Using coupons I have been able to save about $ 50.00/month off of food and household/personal items.

Here are some of the resources that I use to help me coupon in the most effective way, I hope these help you too!

Blogs that list  coupons, match-ups, deals and deal ideas:

Websites where you can print coupons:

Other Resources for Manufactures Coupons:

Red Plumb (comes in your mail box, typically on Tuesdays)
Smart Source (comes in the Sunday paper)
Company’s Facebook Pages
Company’s Websites
All You Magazine (found only at Walmart)
Catalinas (the long coupons that print out at grocery store check out)

Best Local Stores for deals:

Rite Aid
Fred Meyer
Walmart (It’s an Online store, but has lots of great discounts!)

One Day Deal Websites:

Websites for used items:

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