Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Easy Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this holiday. Some people feel as if it is just a “commercial” holiday to get consumers to buy more stuff. Some people feel as if it is a poor excuse for some men to only show their love and affection one day a year. Some love the idea of having an extra special day to celebrate their love, and some, like me, love this day because of the excuse to wear and decorate with gobs and gobs of pink, purple, and red!

If you and your loved one choose to participate in this holiday, or if you don’t, I have complied a list of my most favorite romantic homemade gift ideas. These are great for Valentine's Day or any day of the year!

1.)    Create a 12 month Calendar:
You can use to create a personalized calendar for your sweetheart’s office or locker. Upload a different picture of you two together or just you for every month!

2.)     Create a Coupon Book:
What does your sweetie love? Think about what would bless them and throw together a coupon book of things they can cash in on whenever they would like. ideas: dinner of their choice; you will do one chore of their choice for them; back rub coupon; a romantic dinner out coupon; renting a movie of their choice and watching it together; romantic night in; ect. Get creative! The options are endless!

3.)    Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home with a Personalized Event Afterward:
Waiting in line or getting reservations at a restaurant on Valentine’s day is a PAIN! Consider cooking a favorite meal for your sweetie instead. Set the table with your best dishes, light a candle or two, pour your favorite wine (or sparkling cider) and enjoy a night at home just the two of you. After dinner, arrange to watch their favorite movie, give them a massage, rub their feet, offer them a night in the bedroom with your full attention. You don’t have to take someone out to make them feel special!

4.)    Make a Valentine’s day Basket:
You don’t have to spend a lot on a gift. Get personal. Find a basket (there is always a big selection at the dollar store!) and find items to fill it with that pertain to your sweetie. Maybe some popcorn, and their favorite old movie, or movie tickets along with their favorite candy and soda. Maybe a massage basket filled with massage oil, a coupon for a massage and a relaxing CD,  maybe a coffee themed basket filled with their favorite coffee, creamer, a coffee cup or travel mug and a gift card to their favorite coffee place. Be thoughtful, find what makes your partner excited and find low cost items to fill the basket!

5.)    Frame your favorite picture of you two together.
Who doesn’t love getting framed pictures of you and the people you love? To take this gift idea one step further, pair the picture with a mixed CD of songs that are special to you two, or write them a poem or love letter and put it in the frame behind the picture. 

6.)    Bake them a Goodies plate
If you are like me, you don’t allow a lot of sweets in the house. Take this holiday as an opportunity to bake them their favorite cookies, muffins, scones, pastries! Decorate them with pink/red frosting and use cookie cutters to make them Valentine’s Day themed!

7.)    Give and at-home Spa Day:
 Pour a hot bubble bath with bath salts, buy a nice face mud mask, cut up some cucumbers, have your sweetie apply the mask and cucs, then have them the soak in the tub while you get their massage ready. Give them a full body massage, followed up by a hot cup of tea while they relax with a good book (purchased by you) or their favorite magazine (purchased by you). If you have kids, find someone to watch them so the house is quite all afternoon/evening while they indulge!

8.)    Create a “100 Reasons Why I Love You” Book:
Find a pretty notebook or journal and transform the blank pages into 100 reasons why you love your sweetie! Use old magazines, pictures, crafting supplies to make this truly personal!

9.)    Make them Breakfast-In-Bed:
What a fun way to start the day. Make them their favorite breakfast and serve it up hot to them in bed. Serve them coffee, a mimosa, apple juice or their favorite beverage with it! OR, greet them in the morning with a menu and let them choose what they want!

10.)  Make them a Blanket:
b.      If you are feeling crafty, use this template and make them their very own throw blanket. Pick out fleece fabric in their favorite colors, or find themed fleece (favorite sports team, a pretty girly pattern, ect) and give them this special homemade gift!

There are hundreds of ideas out there for wonderful homemade gifts! These are my 10 favorites! 

Mike and I most always choose the homemade Valentine's Day gifts. I will share what we did this upcoming Valentine's Day next week, in the mean time, here are some pictures of our Valentine's day last year. We did number 3: A candlelit dinner with a special event (we watched movies in our jammies!) It was so much fun!

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Our Table all set for dinner (with a menu!)
My Hot Date!

Our amazing Dinner! Bacon-wrapped Fillet Mignon, rice pilaf and asparagus!

Watching movies in our jammies!


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