Monday, October 4, 2010

October Goals and September Recap

Last month I started a Monthly Goal page, inspired by Mary at Homemade Dutch Apple Pie!

I am so excited that October is here! Fall is by far my favorite season and I am so excited for the all festivities  that lay ahead! This month should be pretty laid back for the first half. We hopefully will get to enjoy spending time together and with friends. The end of October will be much busier, with a baby dedication out of state, my birthday, Halloween (we will be helping at a local churches Harvest Party) and a few church activities!

Here are my Goals for this month:

Food Goals: 

  1. Eat in Season - As we transition into fall I really want to work on eating foods that are in season: apples, pears, potatoes, squash, pumpkin, root veggies. I want to make sure we get a good variety of these veggies in our diet this month!
  2. Make an Apple Pie - I want to find a really good gluten free pie crust and apple pie recipe and make one. I have never made an apple pie, so I am going to tackle this in October!
  3. Find a Good Gluten Free Bread Recipe - I have tried a few, and so far, no luck. I am going to keep on searching til I find one we go gaga over!

Personal Goals:

  1. Desire Less - I really want to work on my heart towards "things". It's so easy to get caught up in the world's view of "needing" things, when really they are wants, not needs. Especially with my birthday and the holidays coming up, I want to work on my heart's attitude towards this and work on being grateful for what I have, rather than feeling like I need more.
  2. Work Out More - We are going on a cruise next month, so I would really like to stay consistent in with my work out plan this month!
  3. Read Three Books- Again, I would like to read at least three books this month. It is so good for my relationship with the Lord to read books that encourage my spirit and push my faith. It's also so important as I am learning more and more about homemaking to continue to read more and more!
  4. Lead One Person to the Lord - I haven't lead someone to the Lord since I was probably 9. I really want to seek the Lord this month to show me how I can help further the Kingdom of God.

September Goals Recap:

Food Goals:

  1. Eat a better variety of veggies – Okay, I failed here! We did eat Butternut squash, which is a new one for me to cook with, but that was the only new veggie. Want to try harder at this next month!

  1. Snack less–still a work in progress! I think my snacking probably remained the same this month

  1. Experiment more with baking–I did do great here! Here are the new recipes I tried this month:
    1. Biscuts
    2. Coffee Cake
    3. Sandwich Rolls
    4. Cinnamon Rolls
  1. Healthy snacks for football season – So far we haven't really snacked through the games, as we've usually just eaten lunch! So this one is still TBD

Personal Goals:

  1. Spend more time in The Word– I have been getting better about this! I would say I have been able to set aside a half hour at least 3 times a week on a regular basis to spend with just my bible and the Lord. I am still striving to make this a daily goal!

  1. Exercise more–hit and miss. With the weather taking a turn for the worse, I haven't been running outside as much, but I am making it to the gym at lease twice a week. I am going to keep working on this one!

  1. Read 3 books a month – I was successful here! I love reading, so this was easy, I just needed to take the time to do it! Here's what I read:
    1. Jesus:  Why the world is still fascinated by him - Tim Lahaye.
    2. Completely His by Shannon Ethridge
    3. Real Food: What to eat and why by Nina Planck.
  1. Serve More – I am still working on this one! We have recently found a new home church, so I am hoping to be able to plug in there and find ways that I can serve! 

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