Friday, September 3, 2010

Best of Western Washington

My husband, Mike, is a Chiropractor. He has his own practice in Bellevue, and if I'm perfectly honest, he IS the best Chiropractor in the state.

He is more dedicated to his work and patients than any other doctor I've ever met or know. He has a genuine passion for what he does and that shows. He is consistently looking for ways to improve his patients experience and how quickly they heal. He is compassionate and caring and works around the clock (meaning he is always reading a book, reading a blog or working on his "dream" board, not meaning he neglects his wife :) ).

I am so proud of him for being nominated for our local "Best Of" competition. A local TV show hosts the Best of Western Washington every year and it's a big deal around here to be nominated/win. And MY husband was nominated for the Favorite Doctor category! 

So I just wanted to toot his horn and let the world know how incredibly proud I am of him!

If you want to vote for him, please follow this link:

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