Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eli - 6 week update

Our little squirt is now almost 7 weeks old, and has changed SO much! 

Eli has so much personality and starting to be SO much fun! He is moving from the always asleep infant phase to the smiley, playful baby phase. He has the sweetest smile and LOVES to look around at the world. Eli currently loves when mom and dad say "ha ha ha, he he he, ho ho ho" and when we say " I love you" to him. We always get big smiles.

He also has rolled over already! He rolled over at 5 weeks old, which is amazing! He LOVES tummy time and can hold his whole upper body up for a long time. He's definitely a strong little guy!

He is eating like a champ (which is obvious from the pictures!) and sleep 3-5 hours at a time. He is never fussy unless he's trying to fight falling asleep, which is his new favorite thing to do!

He does great in the car and usually falls asleep in his car seat. He loves being out and sleeps better when we have big, busy days.

Eli does have a sensitive little tummy (just like mom and dad) and have had to change my diet to keep his little tummy calm. Here is a GREAT blog post on foods that can upset a newborn's tummy, I found this so helpful:

Foods to avoid

I am so excited to watch our little miracle keep growing, and am loving every phase he goes through. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful baby and feel SO blessed to be his parents!

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